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In addition to our college application assistance, [Organization Name] is proud to offer another valuable service for international students. Through partnerships with a growing network of American and international colleges and universities, we are able to help students waive the application fees associated with their college applications.

We understand that the cost of applying to colleges can be a significant burden for many international students, and our goal is to remove as many barriers to education as possible. By partnering with top-tier institutions, we are able to provide students with the opportunity to apply to their dream schools, free of charge.

Our team works closely with each student to identify the schools that are the best fit for their interests, goals, and academic background, and we support them through the entire fee waiver process. Whether you’re a student just starting your college search, or you’re preparing to submit applications, [Organization Name] is here to help you save time and money.

Contact us today to learn more about our fee waiver program and how we can help you take the next step towards your education dreams.

Auburn University at Montgomery
University of California Berkeley
Trine University-特莱恩大学
Trine University
Florida International University
Johns Hopkins University
UCLA Extension
UCLA Extension
Sofia University
Gonzaga University
Westcliff University-西崖大学
Westcliff University
Adelphi University
American University
Berkeley College
Greenville University
Miami University
New York Film Academy
New England College
Southwestern University
St.Thomas Aquinas College
Harrisburg University
La Roche University
Towson University
Tulane University
Austin College
University of Central Florida
Wentworth Institute of Technology
University of Massachusetts Boston
National Louis University
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Mississippi
University of South Carolina
University of Dayton
University of the Pacific
Monroe College
University of Lynchburg
Wilson College
City University of London
Cleveland State University
Ottawa University
Long Island University Post
Queen's University Belfast
University of East Anglia
University of Exeter
Newcastle University
University of Stirling
Drew University
George Mason University
Hofstra University
Illinois State University
Oregon State University
Saint Louis University
Long Island University
Suffolk University
University of Arizona
University of South Florida
University of Glasgow
Colorado State University
University of Western Australia
Glasgow Caledonian New York
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Alabama Birmingham
Marshall University
Quinnipiac University
Auburn University
Thomas Jefferson University
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Louisiana State University
Western Oregon University
The University of Kansas
Roosevelt University
Newcastle University
Eureka College
The University of Utah