Applications for corresponding scholarships for 2023 admission have been closed! Scholarship applications for 2024 are in progress! Please note: The scholarship application deadline is within 30 days after the end of the first semester

The Carnegie International Students Institute (CISI) is very pleased to launch the CISI Good Status Scholarship for international students holding F-1 visas in the United States to recognize academic achievements. Outstanding international students. This scholarship is designed to provide high-achieving international students with financial support when facing academic or career obstacles, while encouraging them to continue working hard to maintain good student status.

International students studying in the United States hold an F1 student visa, which requires compliance with and compliance with many regulations and restrictions. One of the regulations is that international students must maintain good study conditions, including but not limited to registering for courses on time, complying with school regulations, Good grades etc. If international students fail to maintain good academic status, they may be at risk of losing their F1 visa eligibility, as the visa's existence is based on study as its fundamental purpose.

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a standard used to measure students' academic performance. American universities usually regard students' GPA as an important criterion for admission and continued studies. Therefore, international students must maintain an excellent GPA if they want to study or apply for scholarships. In addition, if international students want to stay in the United States to work or further their studies, their GPA will also become one of the important factors considered by employers or graduate school admissions committees.

*Due to the agreements with Westcliff University and New England College, CISI cannot provide scholarships to Chinese students.

**Due to the agreements with Trine University, CISI cannot provide scholarships to Indian students.

CISI Good Status Scholarship


Admitted to CISI partner schools through CISI’s connection.

Applicant’s cumulative GPA must be greater than 3.0.

The applicant has had consultation with CISI about school selections.

Majoring in STEM, management, education or public health

CISI Good Status Scholarship

Application Process

Step 1
Contact CISI to obtain the target school application form or fill in CISI in the application form

Step 2
Successfully enroll and maintain good study status in the first semester (GPA>3.0)

Step 3
Within 30 days after the end of the first semester, fill out the CISI Good Status Scholarship online sign-up form as required

Step 4
CISI reviews and verifies the application form and mails the scholarship check within 30 days

Step 5
Get the CISI exclusive scholarship check and deposit the check in your bank

Step 6
Receive form 1099-MISC from CISI in January of the following year

Step 7
Scholarships need to be reported to the IRS when filing taxes (CISI scholarships are tax-free)