About one million international students were enrolled in U.S. institutions during the 2019-2020 school year. Transitions always present challenges that can be both exciting and challenging. In addition to academic pressures, common concerns facing international students include feeling invisible and isolated, language and cultural barriers, culture shock, and financial pressures. IS Me seeks to recognize the everyday challenges that international students face, while celebrating their resilience in overcoming them. IS Me is focused on letting the varied and unique experiences of international students studying in the United States be heard. All international students are encouraged to share their stories studying abroad by submitting a five-minute video. Let the world hear you and use your voice to make a positive difference.
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International Student Speech Contest

Tell your study abroad story in 5 minutes
Let more people hear the voice of the international student community

Self-exploration and Self-expression

On the stage of IS Me, your personal, academic, and career stories studying abroad will inspire, uplift, and empower other international students.

Connecting with your Peers

IS Me seeks to bring together international students studying in the United States, providing opportunities for cross-cultural connections.

Winning Contest Prizes

The contest prize ranging from $600 to $1200 will be awarded to the winners. This award is intended to promote the CISI mission of celebrating and supporting international students.


Rules and Guidelines

Rules for Video Submission

  • Presentations are limited to 5 minutes and those exceeding 5 minutes are disqualified.
  • A single static slide is allowed (e.g., no slide transitions, animations).
  • Presentations are considered to have commenced when speakers start their presentations through movement or speech.
  • The video must be filmed in a quiet location.
  • The video must have only one camera angle filmed from a static position. Zoom in and out from the static position is acceptable.
  • The 5-minute audio must be continuous (e.g., no edits, breaks).
  • No additional electronic media (e.g., sound, video files) is allowed.
  • No third-party intellectual property or copyright-protected content such as unlicensed music, logos on shirts, or branded products visible in background is allowed.
  • Presentations are to be spoken words (e.g., no poems, raps, songs).
  • Speakers must wear appropriate business casual attire, or traditional clothing that represents the culture or identity of a specific ethnic group.
  • Submit a .doc or .pdf file of the speech and the video with a URL link to [email protected].

Become IS Me Participating Institutions

To request permission to use IS Me information, resources and marketing material, please complete the IS Me Event and Brand Permission Form.

Become IS Me Sponsor


Boost Branding

The IS Me Contest can help sponsor companies increase brand awareness in universities, especially among international students. Sponsors can get the opportunity to show their logos and products on the competition’s website, through emails, flyers, and other promotional methods.


Resource integration

CISI is dedicated to helping international students in the U.S. better integrate into the local community. With abundant resources of students and colleges, CISI can help sponsors to integrate resources and link to business partners with cooperation opportunities.


Talent Recruiting

IS Me will help companies to link up with outstanding college students. It facilitates companies with international vision and global social responsibility to recruit suitable international talents and expand overseas markets.


Social Responsibility

The sponsorship of the IS Me Contest will provide a long-term boost to our efforts to help international students better integrate into American society. This is a demonstration of corporate social responsibility to build a more equal and harmonious university community.