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Position: Marketing Specialist for Carnegie International Students Institute Corporation

Full-time in Pittsburgh, PA

Job Duties:

  • Utilize technical skills to gather, analyze, and interpret market data to inform strategic decisions.
  • Implement and manage digital marketing campaigns using tools like Google Analytics, SEO, and social media analytics.
  • Collect data on competitors, analyze their prices, sales, product strengths and weaknesses and competitive threats; complete SWAT Analysis;
  • Utilize CRM system to ensure efficient tracking and analysis of client interactions.
  • Engage marketing campaigns to increase customer satisfaction and retention; employ marketing automation tools for efficient campaign execution, including email marketing and social media management;
  • Manage and optimize the organization’s website and social media platforms using advanced technical tools.
  • Provide insights into market trends and technological innovations.

Job Requirements:

Master in Marketing or MBA and 1 year experience in marketing related positions, including minimum 6 months experience in education industry and minimum 6 months experience with the following: CRM, Tableau, SEO, digital marketing, social media, and data analytics. Experience need not be obtained concurrently. Part-time equivalent experience accepted.

Mail CV to Carnegie International Students Institute Corp, 6425 Living Pl, Ste 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15206