IS art
Art Creation Competition

“International students” is our unique identity. With this identity, compared to domestic students, we are facing extra barriers in terms of language, finances, and unfamiliar cultural environment, but also reap the special joy of exploring a new world. Does the special experience of being an international student ignite your artistic inspiration and spark a passion for self-expression? Do you want to use art creation as a medium to showcase your talent and unique experience and raise social awareness about the international student community?

Artistic creation is an effective way to showcase one’s creativity and attract the attention of the community. Aimed to show diverse cultures and raise social awareness of international students, IS Art contest encourages and inspires international students to create artworks that record life and express the feelings of studying abroad. We call for artworks such as paintings, photographs, and videos with the theme of studying abroad, providing a platform for international students to express themselves and seek resonance. We hope that IS ART will become one of the many glimmers of your life abroad and open a window for the community to understand international students.

Why Participate?

Exposure Opportunities

Art contests can increase artists’ visibility and confidence in the art world. Submissions will be showcased on our website and social media platforms, effectively expanding the influence of the works. Your artwork will show your identity and promote the understanding of international students in society.

Networking Platform

Through this platform, participants will be able to seek resonance through artworks, connect with peers who share the same hobbies and career goals, build contacts, network, and grow careers as professional artists.

Attractive Rewards

IS ART Contest offers prizes ranging from $600 to $1200 to the winners in recognition of the participants' enthusiasm for the competition and the thought and creativity shown in their work, and to encourage participants to persevere in their artistic creation and self-expression.


We welcome entries from all non-U.S. national students who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from a U.S. school. Anyone who holds or has held an F1/J1 visa, from high school students to Ph.D. students, is invited to participate.

Become an IS Art Sponsor

Boost Branding

IS Art Contest can help sponsor companies increase brand awareness in universities, especially among international students. Sponsors can get the opportunity to show their logos and products on the competition's website, through emails, flyers, and other promotional methods.

Resource integration

CISI is dedicated to helping international students in the U.S. better integrate into the local community. With abundant resources of students and colleges, CISI can help sponsors to integrate resources and link to business partners with cooperation opportunities.

Talent Recruiting

IS Art will help companies to link up with outstanding college students. It facilitates companies with international vision and global social responsibility to recruit suitable international talents and expand overseas markets.

Social Responsibility

The sponsorship of the IS Art Contest will provide a long-term boost to our efforts to help international students better integrate into American society. This is a demonstration of corporate social responsibility to build a more equal and harmonious university community.