Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Awards

The purpose of this award:

To recognize the invaluable contributions made by professors and staff who go above and beyond to create a friendly and inclusive environment for international students, we are launching the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award. This award aims to identify and celebrate professors and staff members who consistently exhibit exceptional friendliness, support, and understanding towards international students. The award will serve as a platform to showcase their outstanding contributions and raise awareness about the significance of an inclusive educational environment.

Why This Award?

A law professor at Fordham Law and an adjunct at Columbia Law School, Daniel Capra, made headlines after he was caught on a hot mic telling an international student to “fck off” after the student asked him to slow down his lecture. The incident occurred during a class at Columbia, where Capra was teaching a class on international law. The student’s request was reasonable and understandable, and Capra’s response was unprofessional and disrespectful. Capra has since apologized for his outburst, but the incident has raised concerns about the culture of civility at law schools.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Educators/Mentors: Individuals who have made a significant difference in the lives of others through their exceptional teaching, mentoring, or educational initiatives. They have inspired and empowered others to achieve their full potential and have positively influenced their fields of expertise.

Social Entrepreneurs: Individuals who have launched and led successful social enterprises or non-profit organizations aimed at addressing pressing social or environmental challenges. They have demonstrated innovative and sustainable approaches to create positive social change.

Community Leaders/Activists: Individuals who have played a pivotal role in mobilizing communities, advocating for change, and addressing social issues at a grassroots level. They have shown exceptional leadership and dedication to creating inclusive and equitable communities.

Researchers/Scientists: Individuals who have conducted groundbreaking research and made significant contributions to advancing knowledge in their field. Their work has pushed the boundaries of scientific understanding and has the potential for significant societal impact.


Step 1

International students enrolled at our institution will be invited to submit nominations for professors and staff members they believe deserve recognition.

Step 2

Nominations will be collected via an online platform, ensuring the process is convenient and accessible for all students.

Step 3

A diverse selection committee of representatives from CISI, faculty members, other organizations, and international student associations will be formed.

Step 4

The selection committee will review the nominations and evaluate them based on criteria such as approachability, cultural sensitivity, mentorship, and commitment to inclusivity.

Step 5

The award recipients will be announced and featured on our organization’s website, social media platforms, and local media outlets. CISI awards prizes or cash prizes to winners.

Step 6

Their accomplishments will be highlighted through articles, interviews, and testimonials, creating awareness and inspiring others to follow their lead.